Buying Consultation

I would be honored to connect with you regarding your home buying goals. 

In our Buyer Consultation (Conversation) we will discuss elements of:

You Home Search, Wish List and How We Will Obtain the Goals of Your Search.

How Building Equity Works and Focus on Resale in Your Future.  

The Buying Process from Our Beginning to Closing. 

Pre-Approval Process and Referrals to Inquire About that Process.

How Real Estate Agency, Representation, Costs and Commission Works.  

Offer Terms/Clauses and Strategies.  

Inspections and Appraisals.  What is the Difference?

Seller Disclosures and Pre-Inspections.

How Title Works.  

Coordination When You are Both Buying and Selling.  

All of Your Questions Regarding the Process.  

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